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Default Is a mini worth spending the money on?

I am an obsessed RC pilot, very much interested in off-road RC racing. I know I need to get experience before I go to the tracks, but I am a quick study and get bored easily. I made a mistake of buying less plane than I should have to start out, and spent way more time flying that boring plane than I should have. I should have held out for a better plane to start, and it would have been cheaper overall. I want to avoid the same situation with the buggy. I see a really cool buggy on HH site, a 1/14the Losi Mini 8IGHT. It says the wheels are only 2", and does not say what the overall size is. I am concerned that I will want a bigger one sooner than later.


Perhaps I should step up to a 1/10 size?

I want an off-road style, prefer buggy to truck, and need electric because the local track has an indoor off-road track and an electric-only rule.
Strongly prefer RTR because I am impatient like that, and also do not have a transmitter

I dont have an unlimited budget, but will hold out until I have the money to do the right thing the first time.
Are used vehicles usually used up and in need of lots of repair?
At first glance, this looks cheaper than flying... but it looks like cars dont hold up as well as planes, no doubt because planes aren't bashing stuff left and right.

Any help / insight is appreciated.

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