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i am far from an extremeist and rather an easy going person.all your points are well taken.the police should have viewed the video to actually see what was on it.as for the shotgun i dont condone that by any means.here in florida we have had several serious injuries one including a boy just sitting on moms lap when a bullet fell from the sky hitting him in the head and fortnuately he survived.shooting aimlessly into the air in a highly populated area is just plain stupid and reckless.your right about the 400 foot height .not everyone obeys it now i have no faith regulating it more strictly would mean compliance.I worked in a field that has become more regulated than the nuclear business.most of it because of unscrupulous private owners who just didnt care about abusing the elderly.
as for my statemen about stricter regulations i am still saying people who act without any concern for the public and violate airspace for a cheap thrill will eventua;;y get politicans looking for votes to get involved and thats never good .the guy has it right saying theres a big difference between sophiscated drones meant for comerece and the guy rhat just enjoys that particular form of rc.all comerece is regulated to some degree and drones flying several thousand feet high for miles are a concern for the flying public and firefighters trying to get a forest fire supressed without bodily injury to themseives.I dont think thats extreme at all .commonsense makes our hobby safe and fun for everyone.