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Originally Posted by littlecrankshaf View Post
Wow...a lot of what you assert is yet to be proved. I suspect camera equipped RPVs, invading personal privacy, will find the law against them. I am more than happy to wait and see if I am right...but I guess you already have your mind made up.
And you don't? lol I base what I say on what I read in the news about that instant story, not what I think the law is or should be ( invasion of privacy, trespassing, endangering structures?? etc). So far, I'm not wrong on the fact that the shooter broke the law and was arrested. That's fact. And it seems like some at least agree with me that the quad pilot acted poorly, not a great idea to fly over someone's house (but again, doesn't appear to be illegal). Now we'll see if the charges stick on the shooter. The story says nothing about a working camera capturing video, or that the quad pilot did anything wrong. What might happen to both of them is up in the air though, but I would like to know how the charges pan out.

My opinion is there won't be any lawsuits, everyone always mentioning suing right away...then the reality of that process sets in when the find out the time and costs of that. Of the two though...guess who has the better case from a legal standpoint on recovering damages? Hint: not the dude with the gun.

All a moot point if the quad pilot and the shooter both used some common sense.