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I was reading this with interest, then it turned into a mud slinging thread. Went from battery voltage to a mans member measuring contest. It went way of topic at almost super sonic speed. Still funny reading though. I needed a good laugh.

For giggles I did a search and found a thread from 8/6/14 about a Turnegy 4.35v battery. Now I could use a battery like that when I race my brother. I could have a faster truck with a super secret setup and he would never know. (Evil laugh) bbbbwwwwaaaahhhaaaaaaa

Just checking HK, the charger is $30.00 and the batteries are about the same price as a standard lipo. Not that I am a HK fan, have very few orders from them.

I know there are a lot of battery ideas just around the corner, but i have heard that since I was a kid. I would like some of those ideas to hit the streets.