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If you can get your friend ignition to try it out .... Or provide your ignition to your friend ...

the he spark plug timing is defined not only by hole sensor setup position, but ignition module delay as well.
if hole sensor on your engine is set at 55 degree it may mean that the ignition module has extra delay due to high voltage generation circuit, which is analog circuit in many cases.

try to exchange ignition module and see for results.
if it didn't help then look for another issue, but not the timing.

There is a reason you hole sensor is set at 55 degree.
the difference between 28 and 55 quite large.
If on well running engine with 28 degree hole sensor setup you will try to move hole sensor to 55 degree it may stop working or most likely will start in opposite direction as timing will be too premature befor piston can reach top position.

i may think that DLE has 2 type of ignition with earlier 55 degree and later with 28 degree hole sensor settings.
try non-invasive test with ignition exchange before picking drill :-)

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