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Originally Posted by franklin_m View Post
Jenny, I think you're pretty close to the mark. Demographics alone are a big challenge for AMA. They gave away a bunch of free memberships to kids, but it remains to be seen how many of those turn into paid memberships. I haven't flown at a club field in over a year. Why? Just way too easy to complete the transition to electric (quiet), fly a slightly smaller plane, and do it 200 yards from my house in a park or at the nearby school rather than drive 13 miles one way to fly off a rough grass field - where I have to pay $100 more to be a member of the club! It gets even easier if you fly helicopters and quads. As a homeowner, the insurance isn't much help there either.
Hmm...and yet membership grew, do you attribute all of that growth to free kiddy memberships...or to actual organic growth? Good for you on switching to the delights of silent flight! That's one of the biggest shifts in the hobby over the past few years, certainly made it more affordable and user friendly for lots of people.

You should go back to flying at your field, yap it up with your fellow fliers, it might brighten your disposition on the hobby!

Did you go over the financials yet, looks like they were just posted up?