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Originally Posted by stevegauth30 View Post
They both have the same diaphrams, and gaskets, only the K20 comes with more parts. The metering needle, etc. But, they both come with both diaphrams.
I just rebuilt (2) Non - DLE carbs last night. One carb required the K10 kit, the other the K20. While some of the diaphragms are the same between the kits, some are also different so the kits are not the same. Yes, as stated the K20 kit had more parts but most of those extra parts are not used for an RC carb. One carb required a diaphragm only contained in the K10 kit, likewise for the other carb and the K20 kit.

These were real Walbro kits and not Stens, Oregon or some Chinese clone and contents may vary between brands.