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Originally Posted by corsaircrazy View Post
I am not sure what is happening, but all the sources for the AGM 30cc Seem to have dried up. Can't find them on Ebay, AGM doesn't have any ... just a Coming Soon sign. Coming soon? they have been out for a couple of years. Anyone know what is going on?
I hate to join the naysayers because I really wanted this to work out, but I'd recommend spending a bit more money on a better engine. I bought one of these pretty early on. With the rent to own program, the thread here with Ping offering support, and the people that appeared to be happy with them I felt fairly comfortable buying one. I bought it for a P-40 project that was being worked on over the last couple years. This spring I finally got to the point of wiring up the ignition only to find I had no spark. I emailed them explaining that I knew the engine was out of warranty by something like six months but it didn't work coming out of the package. They set me up a coupon code for $5 off if I spent $100 on their website...

So I spent another $70-something on an ignition and got spark, but it's quite a bit weaker than I'm used to. After getting the plane to the point of doing engine runs I absolutely cannot get this thing to run. Combined through multiple attempts I've flipped the prop a solid hour's worth. I have fuel to the carb, I pulled it apart to make sure the reeds were in place and there no visible carb issues, the most I can get is a single pop if I put fuel into the carb, choke it, and it will pop on the third flip. Now I'm to the point where I've spent within $30 of buying a DLE in the first place, I'm reluctant to spend that much more on this plane to buy a second engine, and the AGM refuses to run. Lesson learned.