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With an 18x8 prop and not touching the needles from where they were set with the last case/crank, the engine (once I was able to get it to draw fuel) starts easily and seems to have decent transition. Dumping the throttle will sometimes kill it, but fine tuning should cure that, and that isn't normal throttle behavior anyway so I'm not terribly worried. Usually have to set a throttle curve to soften up that bottom and stretch out the middle to make the entire range useful anyway. After 1/4 of a tank it was idling at 1600 and getting just over 7k opened up. It started out at 2k and 6800 so it is improving with break in time. The true test will be when I get it up in the air, perhaps tomorrow, then we will know better. I attribute the improved power to the Bowman ring, but to be fair, this is a standard improvement to even DLE's and not specific to AGM. The vibration looks to be normal, but will have to check all the nuts and bolts after its first flight, then again after a few more to see whats up. As always I'm cautiously optimistic, but not feeling like the end of the world if it doesn't work out. With some time it can only either get better, or go Tango-Uniform!