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Originally Posted by hookedonrc View Post
Drcraig. Are you still looking for plans. Gary wasn't at the meeting, but I have been in touch via email. He says he has heard there are problems with RCM taking money and not delivering plans. Gary doesn't have any, but said he could probably draw them. If you are interested, I can see if he minds you working directly with him. If ok, I can give you his contact info.
Hi all,
I had no problem getting the full sized plans.
I'm just beginning my second build of Gary's A26. The first model was great, very easy to fly with almost trainer like characteristics. However, like all twins, it does not respond well to mishandling of asymmetric flight! The first one bit the dust. I ran Century Jets retracts and Saito 61 FS .The Saito's provided plenty of power. It looked great in the air especially when doing flat out low passes! The new model will be much the same, although I've changed to electric actuators on the retracts.
What I would like to do if possible is set up contact with Gary. Could one of you tell me how I can contact him please?