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I agreed with your assessment and that's exactly what I'm getting, I read somewhere regarding the not so accurate sensors and your comments are confirming that, specially after seen how a good sensor should work, that's why I checked the BME to get an idea of what I should be getting when timing an engine.

I also concluded to get a new sensor from Adrian to fix that, I watched Adrian's video on timing ( who has not ) and I remember him saying that the spark should come after the magnet has passed the sensor.

All in all very informative info, I started this thread to finally clarified the timing on the DLE 35RA once and for all ( to many guys asking and not getting a clear answer )

Thank you, thank you to all, specially to Adrian and Truckracer who are always available to answer all smart and dumb questions coming from me

I may do a video to demonstrate timing of the DLE 35RA and the defective sensor compared to a good one.

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