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Any one who does not like trainers, a Kadet in particular, has issues. I enjoy flying them just above stall speeds, as slow as they will go without falling out of the air. You will be surprised at how slow they will go. A touch of throttle, nose up, holding elevator, they just sort of hang there, you wonder how they do it. Slam the power, pull straight up. climb out, bring it around, slow fly by.

I have parts of the old Tower Trainer 60. I may scratch build one with a nice "E" setup.

I have a Low Wing Trainer. I have a 60 sized E power setup, I use (4) 3250mah 3s batteries in a 2x2 setup for 6s power. I did 2 glider tows and then flew around for another 20 minutes while the gliders were in the air. Just as I was on approach, the LVC kicked in. Tons of fun, with "E" power..


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