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Buzz, you are so correct! I have all kinds of other airplane models and a trainer like the SIG Kadet whatever is something to marvel at!

Okay, did a little flying with it at the local Middle School near my house rain and clouds were coming in fast so, I wasted no time to go to this middle school with a terrific Track and my mom even came with me and we both enjoyed two walking laps after flying my Kadet LT-40.

Additionally, I did a little shopping for it and went to a HOBBY TOWN USA (only Hobby Store open on Sundays), I found a pair of some beefier 3.5 inch diameter wheels by Dubro and found an APC 12 X 8 "E" so, off I went back home and installed the new main gear Wheels and they look fantastic plus it raised the rear FUSE section a whopper of 4.25 inches.

Another thing I did was to finally stop guessing on the weight of this model and got accurate readings with my digital weight scale and can you believe this thing is just slightly over seven (7) pounds fully flight ready!

Weight1 (FUSE): 4.0lbs. (64oz.)
Weight2 (Wing): 1lbs. - 13oz. (29oz.)
Weight3 (Battery): 1lbs.-3 3/4oz. (19.75oz.)

Adding the Ounces all together: 112.75oz. (7.047 lbs.)

================================================== ==================================================

Pictures of main gear wheel retrofit:

Weigh-In Session:

A few pictures!