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This summary is based on my observation and measurements. Not all ignition module (spark generators) are the same. Most will generator the spark as the senor go pass the magnet, in either direction. The sensor conducts when exposed to a magnetic field. DLE, CRRC, EME, NGH engines using Rcexl modules that create the spark when the senor passes the magnet. PTE36 will spark as soon as the senor is under the magnet. That is at the leading edge. The firing point is dynamic with engine RPM so the firing point means when auto advance is at minimum or above whatever RPM the ignition profile is set to. DLE's are around 3000 RPM while PTE is about 6000 RPM. The real static trigger point is where the magnet is located on the crankshaft. Adjustment slots of sensor will allow only +/- 4 degrees of change. I have seen a senor the would latch. That is it would stay on when pass the magnet and release on the next pass across the magnet. If anyone is interested I have Microsoft xcel file of ignition module profiles. These show the auto advance measurements. My test method ignition timing is using a LED to show the status of the Hall Effect Sensor.