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Originally Posted by CraigG View Post
Personally, I consider a flameout alarm the most valuable of all telemetry data. It's usually impossible to hear a flame out with other turbines in the air and you don't always get or see a white smoke trail. The few extra seconds it might take to recognize a flameout without an alarm could easily make the difference between a successful or unsuccessful dead stick.

It's unfortunate the various turbine/radio manufacturers have so many different protocols, making it difficult to set up a flameout alarm for many turbine/radio combinations. I've only got it so far with my Kingtech/Xicoy and DX-18/TM1000 setup and I really like having it. I have the alarm set up to vibrate since it's also difficult to hear an aural alarm with other turbines running (and I don't like wearing an ear bud).


Originally Posted by asimace View Post
Or set an alarm on RPM.


That's what I have done. ^^^^^

Although not a JetCat, (Xicoy adapter with Xicoy ECU), I have an alarm set on my 18MZ for RPM. Below 30K, it vibrates. I just set it up and haven't had a flameout, but it does vibrate during the start until it's above 30K, so I'm assuming it will work if the need arises.