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Originally Posted by stevekott View Post
I always amazes me that this country's answer to someones bad behavior is to pass a law. A law that will impose itself on only the people that are the least likely to violate it.

It's like jumping on a bandwagon to limit the numbers of bullets a magazine can hold. Like that law is going to make a difference to anything or anyone. There is already a pretty specific law against MURDER. Yet it does not stop bad people from murdering
Oh please.. This country has had more mass shootings in t last 10 years than the rest of the civilized world combined, and the majority of those mass shootings where done with firearms purchased legally under current law


A big part of the reason these killers where able to kill so many was having large capacity magazines and rapid firing semi-automatic arms that allowed them to keep shoring rapidly. Limiting magazine capacity and firing rate might have forced them to pause giving somebody a chance to fight back.

But thanks to the efforts of the NRA nothing gets done and kids keep dying. Its sad really because the NRA used to be about responsible gun use and supportive of reasonable regulations (they supported the 1968 firearms act among others) but then somewhere they went off the deep end. Their attitude is actually the worst enemy of the rights of responsible gun owners as it just feeds the argument. I used to be an avid target shooter and left the hobby due to these pervasive bad attitudes and disregard for the victims of these killings.

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