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Originally Posted by Sport_Pilot View Post
But it will take regulation to enforce the registration, else it means nothing. With the regulation it means next to nothing because the same idiots flying in airport approach zones would never know to register and probably not care if they did know. A perfectly idiot solution. No effort to educate or anything meaningful at all.
Remember when I said that an online computerized test should be set up for all persons wishing to fly Quad copters (Drones) at anyplace but a designated R/C flying site (any designated flying site not just AMA) and they be issued, upon successful completion, a certificate with their Registration number,to be printed out and carried when ever flying a Quad. This could also be mandatory to Purchase a Quad(DRONE). Even simpler than a back round check to buy a fire arm.

If it does come down to FAA Registration I don't see how Most Quads will display the Required 12" N Numbers.