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Originally Posted by timlan View Post
Called them twice this past Wed. After second call and no answer. They called me back. Chinese guy was nice and said plane would arrive on Fri. It showed up on Thurs. Very nice plane. Still dont like no communciation for almost two weeks. The Chinese just dont care about or dont know about customer service. They have very good prices and looks like decent quality products. No manual came with plane, but I dont need one anyway. I will have to think hard about buying from Them again.
There are some pretty crappy home grown American Citizen vendors too,, what does his Race have to do with it?

Always cracks me up when guys seek out the cheapest place to buy something and then complain about the quality if the item or the CS of the vendor.. Some things never change,,, you get what you pay for.

I'm currently assembling a Fly Models 50cc edge bought from the guy in the classifieds, for $439 shipped it's a great value,, haven't even bothered popping in the disk,, pretty sure the plans will be useless.