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Originally Posted by CafeenMan View Post
I have a lot of problems with tracking through UPS and USPS. The first problem is the seller not sending a tracking number in the first place. Then when I do have one it's not updated in the system. Something will ship from California and will show it's in Nevada for 3 days and then it's "Out for delivery" with nothing in between. I live in Florida.

I have experienced exactly the same problems. Fedex seems a little better, USPS being the worst. Hardly anything the shipper can do other than make sure you get the tracking number. I check the tracking and see the item is turned over to the transport agency usually very quickly, after that it's beyond either of our control. HobbyKing is notorious for sitting on orders for often days and weeks with no communication and no shipping, worthless customer service. Have had to go back thru PayPal several times to get a refund after 2 to 3 weeks, but never experienced that with General. One time I ordered a plane and it apparently was sold out in the meantime. I got an e-mail almost immediately that they were going to check the warehouse as they did show one. Got another e-mail not long after that the questionable one in stock showed some minor damage and they wouldn't sell it and they refunded my money thru PayPal immediately. Can't fault that.