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Okay guys,

Got down to get her done with the required adjustments and it turns out that I will not need to add another servo for making Elevator Halves with their independent servo. I did go to the Hobby Shop and bought the Reversed JR SPORT ST47 (Part Number JSP20050R ), however, I will not be needing it since I was able to perform the adjustments at the control surface clevis end.

Additionally, during the 2nd landing the Nose Wheel steering quit working and the Keeper just came off from the Rudder Servo Arm so, I didn't have any plastic lock to match the size diameter of the keeper I am using so, I used a Wheel lock collar and worked like magic.

Also, I activated the model and double checked (Verified) that both Elevator Halves were matched for the entire travel and at every level including when it is at neutral.

I can't wait to fly it again!opcorn: