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Originally Posted by gapellegrini View Post

The turbine is with Jet Central Brazil. Its open and the bearings will be changed. I know the best is to change the compressor but this is a project that crashed on maiden. I got a new plane and I'm trying to save as much as I can on this overbudget project.

So Jet Central Brazil gave me the option to not replace compressor if it can be balanced. They told me could be some risks but can be done. I posted here to get some opinions on the risk so I can make a decision. So do you think Im good to use this part replacing bearing and balancing compressor?

Thanks for your help
as always with something like this there is a risk. However if they do balance and really check that compressor really you should be ok. The biggest thing is making sure nothing went inside the turbine and making sure no vibration was there. what I recommend is anytime you start the turbine is that you check for vibration and quickly run up to full throttle at least for the first few times after you get it back. I'm very old school so I always check to make sure I'm getting full throttle before takeoff anyways.