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You mentioned that you would do the LT-40 kit. Does the LT-40 ARF not have the same strong balsa and/or ply construction as the LT-40 kit? Or is it that you just didn't realize it's available as an ARF too?

Jolly, Tom,
But, if I had to build a kit, I'd likely just stick with my Seniorita kit that I already have. Adding 1/16" or 3/32" balsa sheeting to the sides is a good idea to beef it up while maybe adding just a smidgeon more of weight for slightly less "floaty" flying too. My reason for leaning to an ARF is because I'm thinking these 3 planes might be more of stepping stone to teach me to fly, and so I'm not sure I want to invest all that time in building a kit if that's all it is going to be. I'm starting to wonder if after 2 dozen flights of my 39" Skymaster, and 3 dozen flights of my 45" mini-telemaster I'm liable to find any one of these next 3 choices as more of the same thing but just bigger. (??) If I'm going to devote 125 hours doing a kit, I think I might rather devote my time building a doped Sig AstroHog, or maybe a Dynaflite Decathlon later...... once I'm a more experienced pilot. Does that make sense? But, I'm just not sure until I fly one of these 3 bigger planes (Seniorita, Kadet SR, or the Lt-40) if I'll find them as being more fun then the Skymaster and mini- Telemaster. (?) Not sure I should risk 125 hours building a Seniorita to find out.

Is the fun factor something you think you can venture to guess? Maybe you'll tell me "Hey Rusty.....believe me that a 63" kit built Seniorita will not be like flying your little 45" mini-telemaster." (?)
Anyway, I know I'm going long. If you'd like to comment, I'd love to hear your opinion. Thus far I'm leaning to buying a Sig LT-40 ARF, or building my Seniorita kit. The LT-40 seems to be a favorite everywhere compared to the SR..

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