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Originally Posted by jester_s1 View Post
You already have a trainer. Then you are planning to graduate to another trainer with the Telemaster. It's not surprising that wind is bothering you with that small trainer, because trainers stink in the wind. If you'll build an Ugly Stick for your third plane, you'll find it's a much more pilot friendly plane. It'll be a lot more stable in the wind, easier to land, easier to maneuver, and just generally more fun to fly.
The stick just does not appeal to me and would be more like a homework assignment then something I'd enjoy. To top it off, I fly that thing terrible on the flight simulator too! LOL HOWEVER, I have had my eye on the 68" Ebay Rascal for something like $115-$125 shipped. (heck of a deal!) I'm just not sure some of these planes like the Rascal for example, would be too much of a bit of a jump from my small Skymaster and mini-telemaster flat wing trainers.