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Originally Posted by jester_s1 View Post
My point was that trainers fly badly in general because of the training wheels they are designed with. They get tossed around by the wind a lot, they have a lot of pitch coupling with speed changes, and the dihedral fights your roll inputs. Everybody I've ever seen graduation from a trainer to a sport plane, including myself, has said that the sport plane is easier to fly. The reason I recommended the Stick is that it has everything that a second model should have- light wing loading, forgiving stall characteristics, great wind handling, it's durable, and it does aerobatics fairly well. I'm a fan of moving on from trainers as soon as you have basic control down. If you aren't relying on the dihedral to level your wings for you and you aren't having those panic moments anymore from not knowing which way the plane is pointed, you are ready for a sport plane.

Hmmmm.....I'm focusing on what you,Calvin and flyer35 are saying about perhaps it being time for me to be moving onto something other then a trainer once I've mastered the basics of my 2 trainers. Makes me wonder if perhaps the $200 would be better spent on something other then trainers......like perhaps the Value Hobby 77" Rascal for $140 shipped. http://www.ebay.com/itm/77in-60-Nitr...MAAOSwVFlUEGm0 Or.......maybe I'll save my money and build my 63" Seniorita with ailerons and put very little dihedral in it, since I have the kit already. This particular Rascal copy is large and stable, and some guys mention in the feedback on Nitro Websight that it behaves gentle as a trainer but is capable of many aerobatics.

Thanks for the input guys. Yes, maybe you steered me away from spending good money on an unnecessary 3rd trainer.

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