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I've been back in the hobby just over a year now after a 3 decade absence. I, too, went thru this decision process. I was going it alone, no instructor.

I scratch built an Ugly Stik. A favorite plane for me. After I finished the build, I decided I did not want to do my first flight with it. Doing research I discovered the S.P.A.D. airplane. I figured that is what I needed. Durable and inexpensive to build, $18.00 in material. No big deal if a crash happened. I built a Debonair. It was totaled on the first flight. Mechanical problem. I built a second which I an flying now. A great trainer for me.

I also scratch built an LT-40 which is completed now. Very little dihedral. It will be my first balsa model to fly. Should be fun.

So my plan is:
Continue to fly the Debonair until I really feel comfortable. Getting there.
Fly the LT-40 next. Get comfortable with it. Always good to have a trainer plane around
Then move on to the Ugly Stik which will be a blast.

Now I am looking at my next build which will be a low wing.