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Hi RustyRivet,

I have been flying for over 30 years and still love my trainers. Some days I just don't feel like flying wild 3d and just want to relax. I believe all pilots should have at least one trainer in their fleet.

You have mentioned 3 excellent trainers, and any one is a good choice. They would all behave similar in flight. I personally would go with the Kadet Senior Sport. It is a "tail dragger". I don't like trainers with "nose gear". The nose gear takes a beating, especially from a beginner. The steering linkage often slips and you end up with a sideways tire (especially from a grass runway). The only negative with a tail dragger is it is more difficult to control on the ground. You will have to use the "rudder" to keep it going strait down the runway, and learning to use the rudder is a good thing.

I also believe the larger they are, the easier they are to fly, so going to a larger trainer is a good idea. Don't be afraid to fly in the wind. In most parts of the country, you won't get much flying time if you wait for a calm day.
Building a "Kit" vs "ARF" is up to you. You may find "building" is enjoyable. I prefer ARF because I have less time invested in the airplane. When it takes 6 months to put a plane together and 30 seconds to destroy it, you will know what I mean.

I notice a few folks are pushing you towards a low wing aircraft. You can build one now, but I wouldn't fly it until you have mastered all aspects of flight with a trainer. When you feel comfortable flying your trainer, takeoff and landings seem easy, and can fly simple aerobatics with it (loops, rolls, inverted flight), then you would be ready for a low wing aircraft. When I mastered my trainer (actually the 3rd - first two destroyed ), I was scared to death to fly my first low wing. As soon as I was airborne, I relaxed, It was easier than I expected.

What do you plan on powering your next airplane with (electric or fuel)?
Have you joined a club? That is the best place to learn. There are always helpful folks around to help out and train you.