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Originally Posted by Hinckley Bill View Post
Not sure if the 'issues' will effect my setups in larger size (40% +) aircraft but sure not going to chance it....contacted Tower Hobbies and was told to return as defective.

They won't have to tell me twice, as it went back in this mornings mail!
Good move!!

Originally Posted by ron Sweeney View Post
As a total layman I find it terribly disconcerting that the rx to servo link has become so complex, and problems have been experienced first at the customer point. Has the day gone where I can buy a receiver and link a servo without worrying about the match? I have spent a lot of time and frustration trying to work out problems with Futaba miss matches. I am told that certain makes of servo are not compatible with the 14 ch rx and that is the servo manufacturer's problem. Not in my book.
I agree with you. For example, I have yet to have S Bus explained to me to the point where I don't any longer ask myself if it's a bit of a Rube Goldberg solution for people like me that don't want to get trapped into a specific brand of servo. But hey, that's just me. I suppose I just might have not been asking the right questions...

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