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[QUOTE=castlebravo;12134524]LOL! Yeah...I wish we had this one on video. I wasnt too broken up about it 'cause it was a used airplane that I got for a great price and I stuffed it with a bunch of stuff I had laying around....but still......I was really bummed because I had just put one of those Flex Innovations Gyros in it and it was a blast to fly! I think the gyro survived (I haven't gone through the carcass yet...just happened yesterday...) so I may end up putting it in a H9 Carden Yak I have.
I dont even think this thing made one turn....as soon as I put the sticks in the corner.....confetti! I gotta see if the spar was glued in properly but it wont make a difference....still comin home in a trash bag...


maybe the GYRO said *** and detonated.