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Originally Posted by RichardGee View Post
I am currently flying a Roto 85 FSI on a Bud Nosen Gere Sport. About 25 pounds; spinning XOAR WWI 26x8 prop. I have no idea what RPM, but am EXTREMELY satisfied with the engine in every respect. It can be a bit cranky first thing in the morning at a cold flying field, but once started (always by hand), the sound is a thing of beauty. It pulls my Gere off the ground in about 2 fuselage lengths and will pull the draggy bipe straight up, if I want it to. But where the engine really shines is the sound at all throttle settings. I am currently building a 110" Lockheed Vega and will power it with the Roto 85 opposed twin - I am THAT impressed with the quality and performance of these Roto Motors. One other drawback of the inline twin is that it uses TWO ignition systems because of the opposite power strokes (vs. simultaneous power stroke on opposed twin). Just a bit more bulk, but I power them both through a SINGLE DLE (RCXL) Opto KILL using Y connectors. The fit and finish is superb. I run Red Line synthetic 44:1. Here is a video of the Gere with Roto 85 inline twin...

Hi Richard,

Would you say the Roto 85 inline has a lot more power than say a DA-60/DLE-55? I know the Roto has a slightly higher rated horsepower than the DLE-55.

Man, I'd love to put one of these in my Carf Spit.