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Originally Posted by Sonny.C View Post
Hi Richard,

Would you say the Roto 85 inline has a lot more power than say a DA-60/DLE-55? I know the Roto has a slightly higher rated horsepower than the DLE-55.

Man, I'd love to put one of these in my Carf Spit.


I would not necessarily recommend the ROTO 85 FSI for a warbird of that size and weight. One of the guys at my field has a CARF P-51 into which he installed this engine and power is just barely adequate. I DO feel he has his propped wrong for the intended model and that a little tuning would pick up 100 rpm, which combined, COULD make a noticeable difference in flight performance. But compared to a, say a DA60, no, the Roto 85 would not be comparable. However, a DA60 may not spin a XOAR 26x8 without over-heating, so I suppose its relative. The Roto is really meant for spinning a big prop at lower RPM. That said, IF a guy were to prop it with a 24x12 or even a 24x14, it might do the trick on a warbird like your Spit.