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Originally Posted by DHULEN View Post
What happened here

I think a little history will shed some light on that.

Marc Vigod started RCU in 1999 or 2000. I set up the web site in that time frame. I got Marc to add the PylonWorld section to RCU. I was the leading referral member before they went from the old software to the new forum software. I added Dave Norman and Bill Vargas as moderators in 2002.

In 2003 I founded in 2003 with Dan Kane Jr, Tony Pacini, Paul Herman, and Ed Smith. In 2003-2004, I developed forums for RCPRO.

In 2004 or 2005, Dave Norman got pissed off that I was running my own forums and was cross posting to the forums. He and Bill got my PylonWorld id here banned and the name was changed to Pylon Universe. So I did not participate for a couple of years.

I was allowed back on in 2006 under my own name. Club 40 was getting going in that time and I was very active here. The forums started booming again.

Later on I added Facebook pages in the earlier days of the Facebook boom. The pages I created on Facebook started getting a lot of traffic. They tend to be more civil. Some of the arguments in these forums turned people off. I will not name names, but a couple of people attacked me here. So I basically stopped contributing. My posts generated a lot of traffic.

I'm trying to get things going here again, especially in the Club 40 section. I hope the forums will get active once again.

I'm not saying that I am the most important contributor, just that people liked my posts in general and a lot of comments and a lot of good came of the conversations I started.

Let's get these forums active again.