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Originally Posted by RCKen View Post
Well, I stand corrected. I found this FAQ that does seem to back up what the OP said. It does seem to be a $5 registration fee. Here is the FAQ I found

Wow, not only are we getting screwed but we're not even getting a reach around!!! that's rough!!!

Hi Ken ,

My biggest worry here is that we have now begun sliding down the "slippery slope" of govt. regulation and once started there is no end to the additional hoops we'll be forced to jump through in future years . Today's $5 registration fee could easily become tomorrow's "background check" before purchase is allowed , just like is presently practiced with firearms . Down in the AMA forum it seems most agree that this is nothing more than "feel good legislation" since only us law abiding folks will be registering . Outlaw flyers will care about as much about this as outlaw bikers care about getting a motorcycle specific driver's license , in other words this does nothing but harass the law abiding while the outlaw (who caused the unwanted attention in the first place) will go on flying illegally ...