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Originally Posted by RC_Fanatic View Post
If you register in the first 30 days, they say they will refund the $5. However, you need to re-register for $5 every three years. It's not so much the money, but now the feds have all your information, including social security and credit card numbers in a data base. Government data bases are anything but secure! Another unwanted intrusion into our privacy and another chance for hackers to get our information. And what difference will it make? The law says you can't make pipe bombs but that doesn't stop those who are out to cause trouble. You can be sure that every "drone" that kills or creates a problem will not have the proper FAA markings.

I thought the feds passed a law that exempted those of us who belong to AMA from FAA regulations. However, like the EPA, laws are irrelevant to these bureaucracies.
Wow. You guys just don't like to read the entire document before talking do you? Easier to just complain.

The gov will NOT getting any credit card or social security info if you register within 30 days. It's not pay now and get a refund. You will have to pay the $5 in three years if it doesn't get changed by a future administration. And registration is only name, address and phone number. No info on plane because you are not registering the plane, just that you have one or more. You will need to put that registration number soewhere on your plane(s) were it is easly reviewed.
Geez, you pay AMA nearly $60 (I think since I no longer pay them anything) per year so what's an extra $1.67?