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Originally Posted by jschnurb View Post
Nevermind, I think I've figured it out. The first one appears to be a Tamiya F103RX, and the other one appears to be a standard F103. If anyone wants to point out incorrect conclusions on my part, I would welcome being corrected. Otherwise, I'll be picking one of these to fix up and look forward to being able to share my final product eventually.
Well...the wider of the two chassis is a Tamiya F103LM kit. Tamiya used to sell LeMans cars way back in the day. Itís based off of the F103 chassis. It looks like somebody tried to convert it to an F1 car, judging by the wings.

The second chassis is also Tamiya, itís an F103GT. This is a kit that is based on the F103, but uses a link-type front suspension and the big thing is, it had wheel hubs for sedan tires. This one also looks like itís been converted to F1 as well.

Hope this helps and best of luck.