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Originally Posted by acer3299 View Post
When you get 350,000 out of a know base of Millions to sign up I think you missed your mark by quite a bit.
So now what ?
Does the FAA give up trying to get the other 1,000,000 or so Drone user to sign up or do they admit defeat to their latest government fiasco.
One other thing to remember is that every day that goes by more and more "drones" are sold and the percentage of sign up's doesnt seem like it's growing along with the sales.
How many of those drones are under 250 grams and don't need registration? Any ideas? Half? More than half?

How many people own more than one drone? Yet they only need to register once.

Look at the Phantom / Inspire / Blade / Solo / Armattan / Alien / Tarot threads. (just to name a few...)

Plenty of people own more than one. I have more than fifteen multicopters but just one registration.

Can you see why comparing these numbers is actually pointless? You honestly don't believe that of the millions of drones reportedly sold not a single person will ever buy two?

Originally Posted by Sport_Pilot View Post
I agree its a total failure. Suggest that using each drone caught doing something bad as an example of registration not working, and sending that to your congressmen or senator.
No offence guys but if you are calling the registration process a failure because of these numbers then you don't understand the objectives behind it.

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