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Originally Posted by acer3299 View Post
The deadline has passed now what ?

According to the retail industry MILLIONS of "Dones" have been sold.
According to the goverment 350,000 or so people have registered in their " registry "...

That leaves a whole boat load unregistered " drone" pilots out there.....

So now what are they going to do now to protect us from this menace in the sky ?????????????????????????????????????
The "millions" of drones that have been sold recently has to be added to all of the existing airworthy aircraft. In our club, I am guessing that we have at least a few hundred airworthy aircraft and perhaps 1-2 dozen multirotor aircraft. Multirotor sales are probably out-pacing the fixed wing sales in the model aircraft sector, but there are still a heck of a lot of unregistered fixed wing aircraft out there.