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Originally Posted by TJ EWING View Post
Neither you nor sport pilot have a clue to the circumstances that took the lives of two exemplary Individuals. About all you've done here is embarrass yourselves by bringing attention to your ignorance. Investigate before you castigate, then get back to us with an apology.
Then Smart Guy give me Your interpretation If U know all about it Please ...
We just had an idiot flying through Mountainous terrain at Night Kill himself 2 paramedic nurses and the Patient and one guy escaped death all be cause of Controlled Flying into Terrain. OR could have been some mechanical failure the company didn't have a stellar record. Doesn't mean much to those that are dead anymore. Most vehicle accidents cars trucks planes motor cycle even Bikes are the fault of the person in command. Remember it take less than a minute to gain 1000' in a jet ranger. There is no reason on gods green earth to not gain the extra altitude as opposed as to running at 3 00' AGL at night Like most Med chapters around here.

Had a very good friend (Flight Instructor) CFII Multi engine Jets ect. get killed on an Instrument approach in a Cherokee 6 coming back from a business trip in Denver to wisconsin. Ended up 3 miles short of the runway on instrument approach at night in weather. It happens to the best of them. The Unfortunate thing both He and the Owner student apparently had colds and had cold medicine in their system at the time of the accident.