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Originally Posted by HoundDog View Post
Originally Posted by porcia83
From the front page of RCU......


An estimated 16,000 people will attend and watch these races. Yup...that sure is a group of people the AMA should have shunned!

Wonder how many other "traditional" RC events have to be added together to get those kind of numbers......???

Just make it mandatory to have Insurance from a CBO and fly only on registered R/C Flying sites.
I'll bet someone could get a groupe rate thru Lloyd's Of London Like the have in Australia $20 Million in PRIMARY insurance. Better n what's we's been getten froms the Only CBO round Namely the AMA.
I hope you don't have much riding on the bet Doggy......you would lose it all. There is no better deal out there.....and what we get is clearly sufficient and more importantly cost effective.

If there was a better deal out there...don't you think we'd know about it. Or at least get invited to know about it...