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Do I have to register my UAS immediately? Is there a grace period?

A. All small unmanned aircraft that meet the registration criteria must be registered prior to operation outdoors. If you operated your small unmanned aircraft UAS before Dec. 21, 2015, the FAA provided a grace period during which you were permitted to continue operations without registering the aircraft. However, beginning February 19, 2016, all small unmanned aircraft owners must register their aircraft if they wish to continue to operate outdoors.
I flew my planes on Sunday and still have not registered with the FAA.
It felt great.

So, if I crash a plane, will the NTSB have to investigate the cause of the crash?

Maybe we should report all crashes to the FAA and the NTSB!
Hell, they want to regulate us? Then let them "enjoy" the full responsibility of monitoring our hobby!

Next, I'll operate my tanks and R/C cars on the highways and roads, and create all sorts of problems! After a few years of that, maybe the government will regulate those toys too! Maybe even force every r/c buggy operator to register their r/c cars and tanks with the DMV

This world is becoming incredibly stupid!

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