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Originally Posted by HoundDog
Originally Posted by PLANE JIM
Oh my god-Let's play real pilot!!!! Do you wear a David Clark Headset as well when you fly your RC toy or wear a white crew shirt with crew epaulettes?

Why DON"T U...we've got some guys the dress the whole thing, Combat boots (Brown from WWII) khaki pants and shirt Captain's Bars and Fifty mission Crush on their Service caps. I'd bet they'rd where Bomber Jackets (Leather ) if it didn't get so hot. They call them selves the 1/8 Air Force. Get it Like the 8th Air Force in europe in the 40's

Originally Posted by Sport_Pilot View Post
Does that get the doggie hot?
Nope to O'l to get HOT. Besides they are sort of ARROGANT A wholes. Ya know better than every one else. Sorta like Pattern, Imac,Flyers and scale Builders that like to rub your nose in their SCHEIT.

What might get Me luke Warm if someone had a big B-52H model with a Hound Dog under each wing. Sorta like Mac Hogers and jis B-29 and the X1. Problem with his set up is the Full Scale X1 was carried in a special Bom Bay area.

Not an H model No Turbo Fan engines