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Originally Posted by TimJ
So instead of taking a brief moment to do the register you would rather let the government win and not fly?

Yeeeeaahhh......That totally makes sense.

Originally Posted by init4fun View Post
I don't think the govt. wants to force anyone out of the hobby , I'd lay the blame for the new regs on the people who flew irresponsibly , and I refuse to let them ruin the hobby for me . If all it takes is a 2 minute registration to separate us from those who won't follow the rules I have no problem putting the FAA number on my planes .
Remember last year when I said there should be a web site that anyone buying any flying R/C toy had to take a test to get his Federal number to be prove that they Knew not to fly near airports an the like. Well The feds should hav done that with their Registration (JOKE) process. Proving U know the Rules befor U can buy a dangerous TOY seems like a logical thing doesn't it?