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Thanks, Paul.

I'll still come in here and put my two cents worth in from time to time. But I'm moving on as far as the hands-on part of the hobby. Too many other hobbies demanding my time and my money. The truth is, what I spend on my planes would pay for all my other hobbies combined. That's pretty remarkable when you look at how expensive guns can be. But then, you don't usually take a two-thousand dollar gun out and crash it into the earth at 90 miles per hour.... The gun can last you your whole life, protected in a safe when you're not using it. Plus, I've already collected and customized the ones I want, so my reloading supplies (for my OTHER hobby - reloading!) end up being my typical hobby expense.

My "Other" hobby (another Other!) is also related, and that's fishing. You could buy my little boat outright for the cost of two planes. Anyway, you get the idea; what little fishing gear and reloading supplies I normally use won't amount to a fraction of what I spend on planes.

I promised my wife that I'd cut down on my most expensive hobbies, and we moved here to Washington so I could get out there and hunt and fish and hike and boat, so as much as I might have been avoiding it up until now, it's only logical that my RC planes are what's on the chopping block.

But it doesn't cost anything to drop into RCU and spend a little time, so I'll try and visit now and again.

~ Jim ~