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bikerbc, You ordered one? I think I'am jealous ! Yes, I know i am ! I spotted this plane's announcement about two weeks after pulling the trigger on a 90" Phoenix Super Cub, the white and blue one (like I needed another Cub). I wish I had waited and gone for the H-9 Carbon Cub even though it's more money. I am plugging along with the Super Cub but I am less than thrilled with some of the crude aspects of this ARF. The basic structure is nicely lazer cut but the interior and the firewall/engine mount area can only be called crudely done. Both were poorly hand painted with what looks like gray house paint, and both have multiple spots that need additional glue and filling and sanding for an acceptable finished look. I've got the cockpit area all smoothed and repainted and started on the firewall and motor mounts today. Nothing in the cockpit or firewall fit up without being redone. IE, the simple 2 piece nylon motor mount would not even come close to fitting on the firewall without cutting out wood and large chunks of hot glue to get the mount base to fit flush. They held the upper door half closed with 2 screws, I made a latch system. The blue side stripes were different side to side and not straight. I bought a roll of matching blue covering and redid them. The instrument panel is not correct scale Cub, I dressed it up with an upper edge padded crash pad (cockpit combing). There was no "V" frame bars in the front canopy, there is now! The main landing gear has uncovered big coil "door springs" showing (ugly), I'll make covers. The main gear wheel are made out of some kind of hard plastic, it now has Du-bro inflatable smooth tundra tires. And on and on. I expect, on any ARF, to upgrade and redo some stuff but this one has worn me out with too many items not usable out of the box. I'll plug along and make a nice plane out of it, BUT I should have waited and ordered (I didn't know about it then) the H-9 Carbon Cub. So, like I said....I'am jealous ! Let us know how the carbon Cub is when you receive it. Before it's over I may have to order yet another Cub. Is there such a thing as "too many Cubs" ?

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