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This is difficult to program with any brand of transmitter. Unless there is some unique, distinctive action that you take just prior to takeoff, the transmitter has no way of knowing if you are just about ready to takeoff or just taxiing out to the runway. There are a couple of ways I handle this problem.
My transmitter is an XG11 and according to the XG14 manual, your transmitter should operate similarly. When you have the INFO screen in front of you, the F button on the left side of the screen functions as a timer button turning the timer on and off. You will first have to set up the timer with the TIMER menu. You shouldn’t have to specified the start and stop switches. (The manual is not too clear on this point.) If you start the timer too early, you can reset it by selecting the timer readout on the INFO screen and push the C button on the left side of the screen. This will reset the timer. The main problem with the method, is that you have to remember to start or clear the timer just prior to taking-off.
Another way is to set up a stick position switch on the throttle stick that turns on the timer when the throttle is advanced to a position higher than you use for taxiing.