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I wondered if my 20 was going to fit . It is set up for one of those new Evolution 15cc gas motors . I was hoping the 20 might fit because it is a beam mount and not much larger disp. than they are suggesting . It looks like You and I will be the Guiney pigs Wiskey Bravo . I will post my results when I get mine and hope you will do the same . I am very interested in the floats.. I have bought two sets of the 1/4 scale ones and been very disapointed with them . The customer support has more than made up for it though . I hope they have taken the oportunity to beef up their new 1/5 scale floats . I will most likley build my own out of solid styro foam . I have a buddy that will hot wire out the blanks for me so all I need to do is finish them . I do think that your 35 will be a bit too big to fit unless you lose about 1/4 of your cowl .I think the 35 would also be overpowered ,I think it would be better suited to a 1/4 scale . It may work out well for balance though and why add lead when you can add power that you don't have to use . If you already have one it is worth a try .