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Ive long believed that the problem with timers is forgetting to start them. You want to make it so they start automatically by doing things that you already do, such as advance the throttle, raising the retracts or flaps after takeoff. There are two stick position switches for the xg14, they show up on your menu as SPS0 and SPS1. A stick position switch works just like flipping a switch, but it happens automatically when one of your control sticks reach a preset position. The first thing you will have to do is forget the timer, and follow the instructions on setting up the sps. for my electric pattern planes, I set the SPS0 on the throttle channel, and make the setting at about 40%. Then, in the timer menu, you can set how you would like to activate your timer. Note here that you can start and stop the timer with different actions. If your sps both turns on the timer and turns it off, and it is set at half throttle, then every time you go to idle you timer will stop. I use the trainer/snap switch to turn off the timer if I need to. Also note that these radios have logic as well. If you click the "and" box, you will create a scenario where two conditions have to be met; so on a warbird if you had selected both a sps and a switch that sets your flaps to takeoff position to start your timer, then you could keep from starting the timer during your runup, and then when your on the runway with your flaps down, advancing the throttle would then start your timer. The combination of the sps and the "and" function is limitless, you could use the same sps for more than one function, because you can combine the sps with one switch for something, and the same sps with a different switch for something else. Hope this helps!

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