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Timer set up so that it starts with the throttle up and stops when the trottle is down.
Go to Timer screen and activate the Timer. Set the Down time for your plane, 6 min, 7 min etc

Click on SW- select SPSO clicking on square and making it dark.
If you want the throttle to stop when the stick is downclick on Stop SW. Click on SPSO and darken the square. Scroll through the wholelist of choices to make sure all the other boxes are white. I discovered that there was a default selected in either=Snap or Mix Make all boxes white except SPSO, first on in the list.

That finishes work in the Timer section.

Now go to STK POS SW
After you set up the screen you should have

POS:L 85 I fly Electric and L 85 does it for me. It is just like and off on switch. If you use a fuel engine you must experiment with this setting.

When I use these settings the timer starts as I throttle up and stops when I throttle down

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