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The twin fit into the PA18 better than any of the suggested motors that I have seen . I had the G26 and had to cut a lot out of the bottom of the cowl . The VVRC has two versions ,one with small plugs fit into the head on an angle and one with regular plugs set strait . You want the small plug version and it fits completly inside the cowl . It is an easy install . I have a BUSA 1/4 Scale Cub with a OS 160 gemini Twin in it . That looks so cool with the heads and exaust pipes sticking out the sides of the cowl . The only thing I don't really care for about that plane is how the wings mount . You need to get at the wing bolts from inside the cockpit, other than that it is a great flying plane . I think my favorite is my sig 1/4 Cub with anOS 120 in it . It has lots of power ,is easy to set up easy to fly . I have one Sig dedicated to floats also ,Its a bit tired and needs some time in the shop . I was hoping that the PA18 would take its place but unforunatly I did enough damage in a crash that I did't feel like reparing it so I am just finishing up my second one . I keep looking at the first one . I have two good wings and half the fuse and the tail .I could still rebuild her ..