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Originally Posted by Whiskey Bravo View Post
Since you have a 40 twin can you advise how much the cylinder heads would project outside the cowl on say the Hanger 9 Cub? Might look kinda cool (no pun intended) however getting the cowl on and off past the heads could be a real problem.
What mufflers are you using on the 40?
I just cut an old Hang 9 J3 cowl in half and held it up to one of my 1/4 pounders to see how they would look. Not too cool; the jugs sit further back due to the longer crankshaft so the prop hub still sticks out. Then you would need their 2 into 1 header system and cut it way down. Better to put the VVRC 40 on and then adapt a Super Cub cowl (paint it yellow, of course) to the J-3. Check on the Hangar 9 PA-18 forum for pics. Hey, this is the Carbon Cub forum!!