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There are variances in the weight of the plastic, in the weight of the PVC formers and in the weight of the glue. Any weight on the tail is multiple times more moment arm then that in the nose. The Spadet has a bunch of wing, I'd have added some nose weight to see if we could balance it out.

It's a little observed fact that ARFS that show up at trainer night never balance right. the kit says put it together and check the cg, maybe. Not unusual to be tail heavy. New kid on the line in China somewhere using too much "glue". When building the PVC ships like a Daggar or Dart I leave the nose long and after mounting the wing I slide the motor,tank,firewall and servo attached together in the nose and check balance then shorten the nose till it's right. Little late now for you on the spadet but like mentioned, there's a lot of wing there that can absorb 6 ounces with no real problem.